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Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast launched in May of 2020 and you may not agree with what he says but that is the beauty of debate. Join Kenny Servera every month as he tackles issues from the sports world today and shares his opinion about it. From MLB to WWE, Kenny The Sports Guy tackles it all!

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John Fisher: A Lesson in Sports Ownership Malpractice

When the city of Oakland describes the current Oakland A’s Owner John Fisher, many people will use adjectives such as Asshole, Jerk, Incompetent and cheap. There are a few...

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Acid Trip: The 2023 MLB Season

The 2023 MLB Season was one big acid trip Join us on ‘Acid Trip: The 2023 MLB Season’ as we dive deep into the exhilarating highs and unexpected twists...

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Bingo!: An Interview with Legendary Los Angeles Broadcaster Ralph Lawler

Ralph Lawler has been around the game of baseball for over 50 years. Lawler rose his way up to the NBA to become one of the best NBA announcers...

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Is Taylor Swift the NBA’s new curse? Exploring the history and superstitions of the Taylor Swift NBA curse

In this day and age, the music world is basically dominated by two women. Beyonce had a record-setting world tour in terms of revenue and we have Taylor Swift...

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The Chaos Thats Known As The 2023 MLB Postseason: Previews and Predictions

It is that beautiful time of year again. The air gets crisp. Leaves fall. Pumpkin spices invade the bloodstream of human beings. School is in session and football season...

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For The Athletes: Bench Talk With Mia Zambarano and Carolyn Stein

Mental Health is very important In this episode of Bench Talk, I have a conversation with the Founders of For The Athletes Mia Zambarano and Carolyn Stein regarding mental...

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