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Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast launched in May of 2020 and you may not agree with what he says but that is the beauty of debate. Join Kenny Servera every month as he tackles issues from the sports world today and shares his opinion about it. From MLB to WWE, Kenny The Sports Guy tackles it all!

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The Universal Acceptance of Sports Gambling

Sports Gambling has been universally accepted in today’s society. A decade ago this was unheard of. How did it get this way? Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast Tik Tok:...

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The Worst MLB Hall of Famer: Freddie Lindstrom

Freddie Lindstrom’s Hall of Fame case is indeed curious and somewhat controversial. He was a talented baseball player who had a successful career in Major League Baseball (MLB) during...

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No Habla Ingles: The Terrible Contract Of Anthony Rendon

Throughout history, MLB owners and general managers foolishly gives out massive contracts to players who are past their primes or whose stats decline. One of the teams that loves...

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The Hall of Famer That Wasnt III: Why Kenny Lofton Isnt In The MLB Hall of Fame?

Kenny Lofton was considered to be one of the most feared lead-off hitters of all time. With 622 stolen bases and over 2,000 hits. With these type of numbers,...

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FuelFest, Cars and Japan: My Conversation With Cody Walker

Cody Walker’s love of cars knows no bounds In this episode of Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast, I sit down with Fuel Fest Co-founder Cody Walker, who is also...

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The Not So Biased Guide To The 2023 NFL Season: NFC Edition

The NFL season is finally upon us if you haven’t heard the AFC part of this episode you can check it out in the description below. The NFC. Everyone’s...

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