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Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast launched in May of 2020 and you may not agree with what he says but that is the beauty of debate. Join Kenny Servera every month as he tackles issues from the sports world today and shares his opinion about it. From MLB to WWE, Kenny The Sports Guy tackles it all!

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Latest Episodes

The Not So Biased Guide To The 2024 MLB Season: American League

The 2024 MLB season is so close you can hear the bat crack! In this episode of Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast, I go in-depth of every American League...

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A Career As A Sounder: My Conversation With Seattle Sounders Victor Anderson

Victor Anderson currently works for the Seattle Sounders as a Member Services Executive and is the co host of Front Office U Podcast, a podcast that focuses on the...

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The Hall of Famer That Wasnt: Gary Sheffield

He swung the bat with thunder, held a career .292 average, and cracked over 500 home runs. Yet, Gary Sheffield remains on the outside looking in of baseball’s most...

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Knicks and Mets: A Conversation With CP NY Sports Network

Its the meeting of the NYC Sports Podcast Minds Kenny The Sports Guy is a sports podcast hosted by Kenny The Sports Guy. In this episode, Kenny is joined...

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Fadeaway: The Vanishing Baller

What is the fate of John Brisker? Kenny The Sports Guy dives headfirst into the mysterious case of John Brisker, the Seattle SuperSonics star who seemingly vanished overnight. Was...

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The Hall of Famer That Wasnt: Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens is considered one of the best pitchers to ever set foot on a baseball diamond. Clemens won seven Cy Young awards, tied for the most in Major...

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